American Flag Background

For the duration of the American Civil War, various battle items ended up ordered to dress in customized lapel pins to distinguish their models. This was a visible clue to aid the army keep organized as properly as advertising solidarity among them. They became quite well-known throughout this era and nevertheless are nowadays. You can nonetheless locate them and they are an superb collectible product for keepsakes and family members tradition.

The cause for carrying lapel needles transformed in the course of Globe Conflict I and II. They were provided to distinguished folks to present their exemplary services. They were produced of ribbons and bars. They can be merely die-cast steel or full of coloration. This use is still in apply nowadays. They have turn into a highly valued and a collectible merchandise.

These days, lapel pins offered for the duration of the conflict occasions holds great personal benefit to the families of soldiers awarded these services awards. They are cherished by generations of their household and maintain a historical worth to them, passing them down to younger family members members to get them interested in historical past and family members genealogy. They are also a very collectible piece for collectors of battle background.

Custom made lapel needles today are also employed in fraternities and sororities to differentiate diverse groups at their events and meetings. They are also used by businesses, organizations, authorities agencies and authorities providers.


Old American Flag

We're so accustomed to seeing the beautiful red, white and blue flowing image of our grand old flag, yet many of us have forgotten what in the world the stars and stripes stand for. If you have a youngster handy, they just might be able to educate you, but lacking an available child, here is a short primer on the meaning and symbolism of the stars and stripes emblazoned on the Old American Flag.


The Stripes

Boldly reaching across the width of Old Glory are 13 alternating red and white stripes. Each one of these stripes represent the original thirteen colonies of the United States. They got to thirteen and then changed plans, deciding to halt any additional stripes, so the American flag still sports thirteen stripes to this day.

The Stars

The beautiful white 5-point stars sitting upon the blue rectangle of the American flag represent each state. There are 50 stars just as there are 50 United States of America.

The Colors

We all know the red, white and blue as well as we know our own faces (better, probably) but what each color stands for is likely a mystery to most, so here's the explanation. On the US flag, the red stripes stand for courage, hardiness and blood shed from the brave men and woman who fought and continue to fight for America. The white stripes in the Flag symbolize purity and equality. The blue portion of the American flag stands for justice, perseverance and vigilance.